Coated foam

FOAMCOATING is known as “ROCK FACE/ FC2907″and makes use of the latest developments in the field of coating and 2D foam and surface techniques.

FEEK COATED FOAM is a range of polyurethane-based lacquer systems, which can be used in a flexible, functional and futuristic manner. It’s a material that will take on any shape, which can be supplied tailor-made regardless of the project and which is easy to maintain. Like a chameleon, it adapts to any archi- tecture, whether for interior, shop or hotel designs, acoustic panels or visual projects. Starting with a simple hocker up to snake-like sofa, lounge furniture, room dividers, daybeds etc.

FEEK FOAMCOATING designs can also be tailor made for your project! We look forward any challenge starting with a quantity as from 1 unit! FEEK FOAMCOATING is available in several colors and can be provide in all RAL / SIKKENS and NCS colors.