WALLSTIX are “not for your eyes only”, these visual attractive decoration wall panels are per- formers in noise control and contribute to better acoustics. WALLSTIX are designed to help con- trol disturbing reflections of environmental sounds. They are the ideal solution for both home and public environments like offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, libraries, etc.

WALLSTIX are made of future materials that will take on any shape, as standard tiles they can be combined in different ways, or tailor-made sizes and designs adapt like a chameleon to any architecture. WALLSTIX are available in any RAL, SIKKENS or NCS color. WALLSTIX panels absorb lighter sounds in the higher frequencies. WALLSTIX are tested by PEUTZ, Dutch Testing and Research Institute for Acoustics, Report A 1857-1 d.d. December 2008.

WALLSTIX currently works with designers Frederik van heereveld (FEEK) en Karim Rashid. WALLSTIX are not for your eyes only!… WALLSTIX for better acoustics!…